Chris6878's journal.

Bench 3x3
tonight blocks

4/27 meet
Rolling schedule. Meet start at 7 am. I arrived at 7:30 am. This meet was ass backwards. They would stop the meet to run an elite heat and then start again. The had all the kids running, stopped them and ran a 100 elit men and women, but they wouldn’t run the open at that time. This was at 10 am and I was very warm and ready. I begged em to let us run also. Nope. Wtf. The elite men ran 10.5 woop dee fucking doo. The elite women 11.8.

I can’t believe they stopped the meet for that shit. Then an hour later they stopped the kids from running the 100 again and put the hurdles on the track to run an elite 110. Wtf! It took them 20 minutes to put the hurdles out and run em. Then 10 minutes to take em off the track. Now I have warmed up 3 times thinking we about to run. It’s also taking 5 minutes between each heat of kids.

Open finally gets to run at 12:45. I’m now beat down from the sun and lack of shade. I have an ok start, then my partners watching the race say I cam up from 40-70 and walked away from the pack…then all hell broke loose, I tightened up like a rookie. I went from 10.8xx pace to 11.3. Which is what I ran.

I haven’t had a meet in more than a month and this meet felt like my first meet this season. Making dumb mistakes. Plus the multi warm up sun beat down didn’t help.

Wanted to run then200, but they were on pace for a 6pm 200 pop off…no thx. I decided to jump on a 4x1. I redeemed myself for my terrible 100. I ate up the winner of my heat in the open 100. He comes to me and says " damn, I’m glad u didn’t do that in our race"

Packed up my stuff and left. I hate aau meets. They refuse to accommodate adults.

I’m gonna do a light tempo/warmup today 4/28
There is a meet Monday 4/28 and 4pm.
I usually wouldn’t run but my lack of meets this season calls for me to run. Hopefully I’m recovered by tomorrow. After this meet, I’m gonna take some days off and just do easy tempo.

Decided not to run at the meet yesterday. It was raining and I knew I could get a good warm up. Plus since I had a meet saturday I wasnt hard pressed to spend my money. I also found out I ran into a -2 wind. I guess thats a good sign.
Going to do a recovery week. I only warmed up and stretched yesterday.

bench am- 5sets. 185x5,205x4,225x3,245x3,255x2
tempo 20x100 50m walk

5/1 am back
pull ups, pull downs

saw stretch guy after work

am bench-3x225x5
pm track- warmed up then the rain came. Ran to the car and sat for 30 mins until it let up. ran some strides to warmup again.
2x30 bs was gonna do more but rain started back up. did 3 min rest and ran 1x120 in a torrential downpour. 13.98. ran to car and gave up.
damn rain has been killing my workouts this week. luckily im on a recovery week.

5/3 off
5/4 6x200 90 sec rest
lil better than last time but still hurt. Had to take an extra minute after the 4th rep

speed day. felt a lil stiff today. I also had a mean stiff neck. Amazing how a stiff neck will affect the whole body.
3x20 isoribic
5x10 bs
2x40 bs
2x20, 1x30 flies
plyos sand pit jumps
30 bounds

3x5 overhead squat
4x3 hang snatch
3x5 good morning
workout was ok. neck is a killer.

10x100 tempo

am hang pulls 2x3
p cleans 3x3

pm track
3x30 bs

5/8 off
5/9 4x30m bstarts bench 3x3x225
5/10 warmup
5/11 meet 11.1
5/12 easy jog and massage
5/13 tempo 20x100 easy abs
5/14 am gym 3x3 high pulls, 2x3 pcleans
pm track- 3x30 bs 1x80 bs easy, 1x120 form

5/15 off
5/16 easy tempo am 10x100. Pm 4x30 bench 2x3x225 3x245

I just had a look back through this thread and read what you have done since you started posting this year. I am enjoying it! How do you find sprinting after weights? How much special endurance work did you do before you started posting? Only because I know you have been running 200m in competitions, but there seems to have been limited running beyond 120m in practice (I have seen a bit, and you have mentioned you did some split runs, but was wondering how much, as you said you were doing a S-L). Keep posting though, am enjoying it!

Well I feel good when I run after weights. But, I usually hit the weights really early in the am and run in the pm. With enough recovery it’s great. I wouldn’t do it directly before a sprint session. At least 5 hours before.
Before posting my spec end was nothing but split runs. I started in September with 2-3x6x50. My goal was to run 300m for each split run. I stayed on grass until December. So all my sprinting was done on grass. After the 50’s I went to 2x3x100 then to 150+150x2 then 200,100 and I did a couple sessions of 250,50 but the meets started so I haven’t done much spec end as of late.

I’m gonna just do 150’s from now on when ever I don’t have a meet.
I love 120’s because I can really work on max phase running and don’t have to worry about much endurance. I can get into full flight and work on relaxation while in full flight which is something I missed all of the last few seasons.

Now I’m just waiting to get into a good non windy meet that’s run on schedule. I’ve been stuck at 11.2-11.1 all season. Each time I know I should’ve run much faster.

But one good thing is school is almost out for the summer and I can really concentrate on track. Track season is over at my school so I’m not coaching till next year so I fully expect to run a 4 year best in the next couple meets.

How did you find the transition through your spec end periodisation? I’ve never split the runs like that and built up in that fashion, but I like the idea of it.

So you will be doing 150s once a week? Will you still keep the 120s in?

It seems like you’ve improved throughout the season from the results I can see that you have posted. Have you run a 4 year best already this season?

Not even close to a best yet. I feel it coming soon.
I liked the transition. Next season ill probably start with the 2x3x100 split runs. I wanna get into the flat out 300s earlier.
Yea when I have a speed end day it will be 150x3 or 2 depending on how the body feels.

I’m definitely gonna keep the 120s in. I like to do a 120 after short speed just for form work and speed end ill do a few 120s

5/18 had a meet which turned into a fiasco. Meet was supposed to be a masters and open meet. They decided the day of the meet to include aau kids. This intern totally destroyed the schedule. No body knew until we arrived. I was scheduled to run at 10 am for the 100 based on the schedule they sent out . So I ate ate 7am arrived to the track at 8 and got warm despite all the damn children. I then found out they had to reseed heats and change the schedule. So the meet went straight to hell from there. I warmed up and cooled down 3 times before I finally ran at 1pm. The worst part is they surprised us and said ok yall up out of the fucking blue. Ofcourse I wasnt warm. During my first warm up I felt prime to run really fast. Didnt feel that way once it was time to run. My supplements I had taken at run its course and I was hungry as shit. So with a tight hamstring and sore cool achilles I ran my usuall 11.2.

I wasnt too angry cause They decided to run finals. Too bad those finals didnt happen for 4 hours, and ofcourse no one knew when were running so I had to stay warm for 4 fucking hours. By then it begans to rain and now they are in a hurry. They call us to run the finals out the fuckin blu again. By this time I say fuck it im not running. THey neglected to let anyone know there would be a final in the 100 so nobody showed up. I saw no use in running alone in the rain so I packed up and got the hell out of there.

I wanted to run the 200…but I was starving and I knew they wouldnt run until late. I was right, they didnt run it until 7pm. Fucking sad. I am going to email the meet director to let him know my disgust. That is a great way to make sure know one shows up to any of your meets again.

5/19 off
5/20 10x100 and 3x10 pull ups over and under. 3x6 pull downs abs

5/21- am gym 6x3 high pulls up to 205
2x10 single leg gm.
6xghr and had to get to work. Im hopping to get some work in tonight on the track if it doesnt rain.

Rain free. Felt good.
2x10 bs
2x30m fly 30 run up. I ran 3.45 on both runs. I discovered after I finished I had ran about 35 meters.
30 bounds on grass
Was gonna finish with a 120 but I was tired, plus I needed to do some ploys.
Was a good session. I am pleased

5/22 rest abs

5x100 warm up
2x5x100 avg 17-16 secs
5x100 18-19 secs as a cool down

Was pretty damn hot today. abs tonight

Regarding your required 3X warmups for this day/fiasco, was the total volume of all 3 warmups combined around 2000m worth of ball of foot contacts/strikes?

Never thought about it but it was quite a few contacts. The first warm up was a good hour. I did 5x100 grass strides, drills, stretched then I did my sub maximal 100. I was primed and ready to roll. 2nd warm up was a few short strides, block work to 10-30 m. The 3rd warm up was just strides and a few runs with spikes. So it turned into a tempo session. Lol

5/24 speed end
Am gym. 3,3,3,2,2 p cleans. My cleans were ass. I’m thinking 7 am cleans aren’t good
3,3,3,3 225, 225, 245- bench
Ghr 2x5

Pm track
3x30 bs. Felt real good
120 bs
120 standing 13.9 lil tired from first 120.
100 standing 10.81. Had a boo boo first 30. Was able to get into my race pattern after 30. The last 20 I did the asafa b skip. Lol

Did a nice ice massage.

Drop the cleans they are a waste of time esp at commercial gyms.