Chris6878's journal.

Was just shaking my legs out today after returning from Orlando. But this year I run the 100s in 16-17 secs, with 50m walk. The 300s I haven’t timed. Most the time I time the 100 and 200 runs. The 200s are between 30-33

Are they on grass?

Yes always on grass, unless the grass is too wet

Don’t you think those times are a little fast for ext tempo?

Well I do a timed tempo once a week. And those are the times I target. I would never do those for every tempo day. my other tempo days I don’t time the runs. only time the rest. I also don’t run nearly as fast

also you need to clear out your inbox. is your email still the same? Ill shoot you those workouts I did from august till now.

4/21 meet finally this Saturday. these once a month meets don’t cut it. cant run fast times without meets
Today I felt sluggish, and my partner let me know by blasting me out the blocks.
3x20m isorobic
5x10 bs
5x40 bs- I was getting the business today
2x20m fly 2.22 2.03. I should’ve warmup more before the first fly after my break.
1x120 13.4- surpised I could even run that fast. I was working form and relaxation

gym- im going into a max strength phase and today was a trial run
hang snatch 5x3x95
sq 2x3x315
bench 2x3x225, 2x3x245

ill give todays work out a c.

Should be good.

tempo 10x100 easy

What type of soft tissue work?

Yea just a flush. Nothing deep.

Am back. Pullups and pull downs
pm tempo 10x100 easy and stretch
gym-3x3 high pulls

Bench 3x3
tonight blocks

4/27 meet
Rolling schedule. Meet start at 7 am. I arrived at 7:30 am. This meet was ass backwards. They would stop the meet to run an elite heat and then start again. The had all the kids running, stopped them and ran a 100 elit men and women, but they wouldn’t run the open at that time. This was at 10 am and I was very warm and ready. I begged em to let us run also. Nope. Wtf. The elite men ran 10.5 woop dee fucking doo. The elite women 11.8.

I can’t believe they stopped the meet for that shit. Then an hour later they stopped the kids from running the 100 again and put the hurdles on the track to run an elite 110. Wtf! It took them 20 minutes to put the hurdles out and run em. Then 10 minutes to take em off the track. Now I have warmed up 3 times thinking we about to run. It’s also taking 5 minutes between each heat of kids.

Open finally gets to run at 12:45. I’m now beat down from the sun and lack of shade. I have an ok start, then my partners watching the race say I cam up from 40-70 and walked away from the pack…then all hell broke loose, I tightened up like a rookie. I went from 10.8xx pace to 11.3. Which is what I ran.

I haven’t had a meet in more than a month and this meet felt like my first meet this season. Making dumb mistakes. Plus the multi warm up sun beat down didn’t help.

Wanted to run then200, but they were on pace for a 6pm 200 pop off…no thx. I decided to jump on a 4x1. I redeemed myself for my terrible 100. I ate up the winner of my heat in the open 100. He comes to me and says " damn, I’m glad u didn’t do that in our race"

Packed up my stuff and left. I hate aau meets. They refuse to accommodate adults.

I’m gonna do a light tempo/warmup today 4/28
There is a meet Monday 4/28 and 4pm.
I usually wouldn’t run but my lack of meets this season calls for me to run. Hopefully I’m recovered by tomorrow. After this meet, I’m gonna take some days off and just do easy tempo.

Decided not to run at the meet yesterday. It was raining and I knew I could get a good warm up. Plus since I had a meet saturday I wasnt hard pressed to spend my money. I also found out I ran into a -2 wind. I guess thats a good sign.
Going to do a recovery week. I only warmed up and stretched yesterday.

bench am- 5sets. 185x5,205x4,225x3,245x3,255x2
tempo 20x100 50m walk

5/1 am back
pull ups, pull downs

saw stretch guy after work

am bench-3x225x5
pm track- warmed up then the rain came. Ran to the car and sat for 30 mins until it let up. ran some strides to warmup again.
2x30 bs was gonna do more but rain started back up. did 3 min rest and ran 1x120 in a torrential downpour. 13.98. ran to car and gave up.
damn rain has been killing my workouts this week. luckily im on a recovery week.

5/3 off
5/4 6x200 90 sec rest
lil better than last time but still hurt. Had to take an extra minute after the 4th rep

speed day. felt a lil stiff today. I also had a mean stiff neck. Amazing how a stiff neck will affect the whole body.
3x20 isoribic
5x10 bs
2x40 bs
2x20, 1x30 flies
plyos sand pit jumps
30 bounds

3x5 overhead squat
4x3 hang snatch
3x5 good morning
workout was ok. neck is a killer.

10x100 tempo

am hang pulls 2x3
p cleans 3x3

pm track
3x30 bs

5/8 off
5/9 4x30m bstarts bench 3x3x225
5/10 warmup
5/11 meet 11.1
5/12 easy jog and massage
5/13 tempo 20x100 easy abs
5/14 am gym 3x3 high pulls, 2x3 pcleans
pm track- 3x30 bs 1x80 bs easy, 1x120 form

5/15 off
5/16 easy tempo am 10x100. Pm 4x30 bench 2x3x225 3x245

I just had a look back through this thread and read what you have done since you started posting this year. I am enjoying it! How do you find sprinting after weights? How much special endurance work did you do before you started posting? Only because I know you have been running 200m in competitions, but there seems to have been limited running beyond 120m in practice (I have seen a bit, and you have mentioned you did some split runs, but was wondering how much, as you said you were doing a S-L). Keep posting though, am enjoying it!