Sprint mesocycle

For improvening sprints (3-25 mt) is better to rise Volume or Intensity in 8 weeks?

Is correct, in your opinion,…(always max Intensity)

week1-4x100mt(day1) + 4x150 mt(day2).Rest 90 seconds between reps

w2- 5x100 5x150 mt

w3- 6x100mt 6x100 mt

w4(unload) 4x100mt 4x150mt

week5 ----10x20mt(rest 60" )day1+6x40(day2/rest 90" )+6x50mt(day3/rest90" )+6x60mt(day4/rest 90" )

week6----more 1-2 reps for day

w7-------more 1-2 reps for day



A couple questions, what sport are you involved in, sprinting? Also, what period of training are you in, gpp? Also, your rest periods seem to be really low, 60-90 sec. Also, when you say day 1, day 2, do you mean back to back days or training day one training day two?

For Soccer.

Period:preSeason(8-10 weeks)

training day one training day two:differente days

Are day 1 and 2 back to back? Also what is the focus of your training at this point, ie. max velocity, acceleration, general fitness? Also, for weeks 1-4 your distances range from 100-150 meters, this seems long to me. Although, I don’t know much about training for soccer, to me it would be more logical to use specific distances that apply to how far you would run during a game. ie. you wouldn’t have a 100 meter break away.

week1-4x100mt(day1) + 4x150 mt(day2).Rest 90 seconds between reps
is doing for Meso with Low intensity(=low speed)with sprinting-form and High Volume!!!