Sprint Form and Planning

Here is a video of a couple sprints I did over 40 yards. Was hoping to get an analysis of my form. I realize it is not the best angle, but I was hoping to get an idea of what needs work. The last line on the field is actually 45 yards and I pulled up before then. I was sprinting to the second last line. When I slowed down the video I clocked 4.56, 4.60 over 40 yards and 1.1s over yards 20-30 in the last video.


I am training for 55m and eventually 100m dash, not sure if I will compete in the indoor season this winter or next. In a couple weeks I will have access to track facilities but for now all I have is this barren football field.

Do you think my footstrikes are too heavy? I pull up from my acceleration too quickly? I am not sure if I should attempt to accelerate quickly or drag my acceleration out a bit longer.

I am 19 y/o, 6’2", 185lbs. Spent most of my teen years playing football then soccer. Now am hoping to run track. Have only been training for a month or 2. Have read CFTS multiple times. My training currently consists of 2 speed days w/ weights and 3-4 tempo days. I have not begun to work speed endurance yet.

On speed days, I use an extensive warm-up before moving into 40s for time. (I am limited to this 50yd football field for the time being.) I do these sprint with full rest until my time begins to slow, at which point I stretch and end the workout. 4+ hours later I head to the weight room for a full body workout: an upperbody push and upper body pull, squat below parallel, and reverse leg press. 3-5x5 for squat, 3-4x8 for reverse lp, 3-4x5 for u.b. push, 3-4x6 for upper body pull.

My tempo consists of 200m @ ~70%, then 100m walk, pushups and pullups, 100m walk. Repeat.

When I get access to the track I am planning to add medballs to the workout, in attempt to improve power. I am not sure if I should add these to speed or tempo days?

Well, a lot of information and questions, I know, so any analysis is greatly appreciated!