Sprint for youth

Hello. I’m russian’s sprinter. I’m 17 years old. And my results: 10.9 and 22.5; My bench press is 100 kg; halfsquat is 200 kg; standjump is 324 cm.

How you think this is good or bad?

And I have a problem (sorry for my English):

Yesterday I did competition and ran 100m 11.0 sec. But today I was running 200 m and did firs 100 m - 11.1 sec. When I was running 100m I began 50m - 5.7 and flying 50 i did very bad. I can’t run enervate (relax). What I gonna do???

sukco,welcome to the board!

you got to learn to relax in order to advance to new levels/faster times.when you jog are you relaxed??? if you are thats perfectly normal.all you got to do is take that feeling of relaxation into your sprinting position.its a long process for some athletes but its bearing fruit in the world of sport.

just remember not to try to do anything,just run.if you try you will try too hard.keep thoughts simple and relax/run.with use of proper relaxation all will fall into place.hope you can understand all i said

drills(form drills), tempo helps with form running and to keep relaxed, and making that the focus of your training sessions(running as fast as you can while staying relaxed). As well flying runs and ins and outs.