sprint bound

what you do them in detail please :smiley:

It’s like sprinting with a drastically over-emphasized knee lift. Imagine doing standing bounds, except faster and with a running start. I know there is a video somewhere on here with them.

Here is Merlene doing them.

Of course, this may trigger five responses telling me its not Merlene and another ten saying she doesn’t use the correct technique and one letting me know that he has trained someone to do bounds much better than her. :smiley: (Just having some fun).

Finally an explanation of sprint bounds. Thank you both.
But you haven’t really answered the mans question yet, have you?
I think he asks for protocols…

Did he? I thought he was asking how to do them?

Maybe he did. It is not very clearly put. At least not for me.

Where do they fit in a program? As plyometrics for a novice and as a warm-up for the accomplished?

Its very hard to say as it depends on the phase of the program.

Some general notes…

  • You need to condition yourself for at least a month before you attempt any sort of bounding at all.

When you are ready to start bounding

  • Always start on grass in some trainers that are in good condition.
  • Start from a stand and do sets of 10. Start with about 2-3 sets and see how you pull up.

Intensify as follows:

  • Add easy run up
  • Increase run up distance
  • Increase run up speed
  • Surface becomes harder
  • Decrease volume as speed/surface change.

Depending on the phase you are in, you may want to the bounds before your sprint work (plyo emphasis), after your sprint work (speed emphasis) or not at all (taper).

thanks! again :smiley:

Thank you very much dcw23.