Spring Ligament

Hi All

Long time since I have been on here.

My question relates to a strained spring ligament.

I would like to know gestimates from athletes or coaches who have had this problem;

  1. Time span for recovery
  2. Methods of assisting recovery


Are we refering the the “calacaneal novicular ligament” (sp)?
If so I had problems with this last outdoor season. I am a long jumper and somehow injured it. It was much like a heel bruise and it would get better during the week and reagrevate as soon as I jumped on the weekends. It would actually turn black and blue get better during the week (since running didnt bother it) and get worse when I jumped. There is not much You can do for it exept rest and ice. It should be treated much like a heel bruise which there is not much to be done for.
Sorry if I repeated myself like 4 times.

What problem are you having with your “spring ligament”? Did you sprain it, and are there any other ligaments or tissues damaged?

Thanks for the replies.
I obtained a bone scan, MRI and both medical and podiatry feedback.

Outcome - Cortisone and fingers crossed

It is still tender from the injection. Tightness of the muscles of the foot, calf and tibia need to be addressed to assist. Bone within the foot is inflamed from impact, somehow this has occured at an inconvenient time.

Will add more detail of the area and progression at a later date (diary of protocols involved from day 1 to complete recovery). :o