sprained ankle treatment

I sprained my ankle today in practice, i continued to play but eventually decided it better to not to try and be a “tough guy” and call it quits.

Now i have questions reguarding treatment and when i should look to get back onto the field.

When it happened the pain was on the outside of my ankle and i felt it go up my calf.

I am icing it now, and then soaking it in hot water and epsom salt…but i have questions regarding how long should i soak it in ice and how long should i soak in the hot water and epsom salt?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


Ice: 20min ON - 20 min OFF X 3/day for the next subsequent days.

Heat: I dont think the epsom salts is going to do anything for the sprain, I believe its mainly used to sore muscles post workout. As far as heat in general, I would use your discretion, but I dont believe its as important as icing (the next 48 hrs) since right now you want to reduce the inflammation. Although, depending on “how” the sprain happend (mechanism of injury), inflammation may not play a significant role. If in doubt, play it safe and ice like a mad man.

thanks…does it matter whether soaking in water or using and ice pack??

Ice Bath is best. Bucket filled with cold water (as cold as you can bare it) and ice inside bucket.

That 48 hrs is overrated and complete bull. It all depends on the severity of the injury. You’ll want to ice at least 72 hrs to be on the safe side. I.E. a severe hamstring pull/tear should be at least 5 days.