spp2 comp phase

what does a comp phase look like after SPP2?

is it the same set up as the example CF says in vancovour about a comp phase for spp1?

For me, it really is the same scheme. Using David’s schedule, for SPP1 (indoors) I have HI days of 4X4X60 and 4X60, and then when you go to taper, there is 4X60, 3X60 and such.

Charlie said somewhere on here that for SPP2, you can take a week off, then move up to 2X3X80 (with 7-8min/15 min), end eventually 2-4 X 120 (also mentioned in Vancouver '04). Then when you go to taper and compete, you can use 80s in phase 2 where you used 60s in phase 1.

In my mind, the main difference is how you handle the speed endurance. Charlie said that weights have to be reduced to provide for speed endurance, so the 120s (true SE, not SE I) have to come after the max strength phase. I’m doing this as a short precomp as the taper, where the weights are reduced part way, then during comp, the weights and temp go to full maintenance.

wouldn’t changing to 60’s to 80’s be to much for the body?