SPP Training

during the spp1 phase how do you roll over the 12 week period in regards to
1 - Acc Sessions
2 - Max Velocity
3 - Spd End.

This year I followed a modified version of the Short to Long programme on the Van’04 DVD. Next year I am going to follow a similar programme but I am going to spend more time on the maximum velocity side of things (ins and outs) for my developing sprinters because I have found that these short 20m speed sessions with submaximal acceleration seem to help them achieve better running mechanics. So as not to overdo it with the CNS some of these speed sessions will be at 95% perhaps ever 3rd week of the 4 week cycle - though I think I will play it more by ear.

So while CF’s programme has a higher percentage of SpeedEnd (SPE)work in it mine will have 2 speed and 1 SPE a week to start with and for the lower submaximal regeneration cycles I will return to the 2xSPE and 1xSpeed format. Once the mechanics are progressing nicely I will then increase the number of SPE sessions in a 4 week block of training.