SPP DVD Coming?

When does the SPP video come out. Anytime soon. I just need some info. so I can plan my SPP well. I have no coach now so this would be very important to me. Thank you.

You might inquire to Rupert or Number Two about the 2004 Vancouver Seminar DVD that possibly addresses all programming functions and scenarios.
2004 Vancouver DVD announcement

Hi Sisco

About your coach, not to worry…we have hundreds of them here.

As for SPP, we have a date in mind we’re working with to begin shooting and thats in 2 weeks.

Thats all i know right now.


I dont want to be too nosey, but do you think the video will be done and ready to ship before the start of the indoor season later this year (end of summerish)?

Thank you Rupert

any news on this product??? or did i miss it in my absence from the site last year???

We’re still working it out. Rest assured you’ll know when we’re ready. On that note, if you think you are really fast on the track you should get in touch with me via private message; I’m scouting new talent for a few films we’re laying the groundwork for (this is open to both male/female track athletes).



Hi all,

I was just thinking about new products (videos), is there anything you’d like to see on the site that will help you get where you need to be?


Thank you


i think an spp1 and spp2 would be great

The sales are going to be a scorcher… can’t wait.

Haha …
how fast is fast… :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe in the future a DVD more versed into developing strenght speed and power for other sports(with practical sessions)

Bump :slight_smile: What are you looking for here, Rupert? :cool:

I’m here for ya Rupert!


what levels you after for both male and female???


I’m need sub 10.7 runners. If you can do it, great…hope to hear from you.

Kind regards,


10.38 in 2004
10.67 in 2006
is that good enough?

Another great idea apart from the sprints SPP dvd would be a series of 400m dvd’s running through GPP into SPP into comp Phase or even a 400m forum review ebook…

The 2006 Forum Review is coming and we have a few re-releases of CFTS in print if anyones interested just email us.


what are the likely release dates for

2006 Forum review?

SPP dvd?

and any other new products out this year.