Sports Restoration and Massage - Siff & Yessis

does anyone here have this book?

im currently studying physical therapt at university and im contemplating buying this book as a supplement to my text books.

can anyone here recommend it?

Was it a required text for your course/program? If so, I think you know the answer to that then. If you are simply trying to augment to your current texts then it might be within your best interest to do so, but I have never heard of that text before, sorry. Btw, where are you studying?

its not on my required reading list, but i have supertraining by siff and that is very comprehensive and renowned, so i assume that this text would be as well.

oh and i am studying @ university of south australia, adelaide australia

I have it. You can get a copy from Dave Tate’s Elits Fitness site.

It’s pretty good. But it consists of a lot of articles by various coaches and there is a good bit of redundancy. It takes a bit of effort to distill practical methods to apply to your own training. However, for your purposes, it’s probably worth studying.

thanks flash

just wondering is it fully referenced?

Not really, since it comprises the original articles themselves. The articles are the references. It’s not a systematic textbook or treatise.

oh ok thanks…
just wondering what sort of coaches wrote the articles, is it soviet stuff liek supertraining?
are they articles that have been published elsewhere ie journals etc?
did siff and yesis just compile it all?

sorry about all teh Q’s i just wanna be sure b4 outlaying the cash

Mostly Soviet coaches. They were originally published elsewhere, but good luck tracking down the original publications (which are probably in Russian). My advice is to save your money for right now.

Flash was right on most of his points, however, I definitely do think it is worth buying. Just remember that it’s not a ‘how to’ book, but more of a ‘why is?’.
It was the text Dr Siff used when he taught the subject of Sports Restoration and Massage at Witswatersrand University in South Africa.
I bought my copy from Dr Michael Yessis, which worked out somewhat cheaper than buying from elitefts.

I think it’s worth buying at some point if you’re serious about the subject. But if you’re tight on cash and are in the middle of learning therapy from other sources, I would put off the purchase for the time being. That was my point. I should have been more clear.