Sports Periodization

I’m wondering what is the best way to organize a schedule around games. Say for instance that I’ll have a game on Sunday, then another game 6 days later on the following Saturday. What type of work would I do inbetween?

Here are some options I was thinking of:

Sun: Game
Mon: Off
Tues: Speed
Wed: Tempo
Thurs: Speed(lower volume)
Fri: Tempo
Sat: Game


Sun: Game
Mon: Tempo
Tues: Speed
Wed: Tempo
Thurs: Speed
Fri: Off
Sat: Game

My question is should I always take the next day off after an intense game?

And would doing tempo the day before a game fatigue me for the game or would it help me recover?

  1. sometimes some easy tempo after a game/race speeds up recovery, in the same way perhaps that is used after a hard session…

  2. i wouldn’t think so; you can keep frequency and drop volume, if you think this is necessary; resting the day before a game/race is not always the best option…

hope it helps!

Nik, made some great points. What sport do you play? That might have an effect if it involves a lot of contact.

Ok, thanks

I play field lacrosse so there isn’t as much contact as football. The sport is pretty much a bunch of 20 yard sprints with a few bodychecks every now and then.

Hey Nik,

What would you recommend doing if there’s a game, then 2 days off, then another game?

Maybe a bit of light tempo on the first day, then some low volume speed work the day before the second game? or vice versa…

a light tempo (e.g., 1km), a normal tempo (e.g., 2km) and the game; i suppose the game itself is of some good training, so better watch out your recovery between; not much time for training…

BTW, i have no idea about the nature of your game and perhaps i should not make such comments -some info would help, as the game is discussed quite often here; but i am sure it’s not easy… and the best way to quicken your recovery is rest, regeneration, good lifesyle and easy training between games; just try it once and see how you feel in the next game; you should be ok and ready to play 100% again; if this goes on for some time (i.e., game after game) perhaps some accel work would help ???

hope it goes well!