Sports Massage

If an athlete approaches me for a quick massage just before taking part in a sporting activity, and I’ve only got 10 minutes, what would I realistically be expected to do?


Work on principal muscles, generally lower body, about 2 minutes o less for body part.

If it’s pre-event your goal should just be to help warm-up and relax the muscle for optimal movement. You don’t need much more than 10 minutes anyway. It’s not as if you’re attempting to flush out large amounts of metabolic byproducts or significantly reduce muscle tone.

It also depends on the skill of the therapist. As a personal example, when I trained with Charlie he gave me quick 10-minute massages before the speed workouts, and I can tell you that those were far and away the best massages I’ve ever received, by light years (I can’t even imagine what Waldemar was like).

Can you go into more detail about the type of massage Charlie gave? Was it a light, slapping style of massage?

No. It was regular Swedish type. Nothing fancy.

How about massage during the 90 minutes between a Semi and a Final, or between rounds? How different would it be to the quick 10 mins just before the event?

Thanks guys

You can see the pre-workout/pre-meet massage technique on the Jane DVD. We will be re-releasing it as a download shortly

We will be re-releasing it as a download shortly
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thank god! my dvd had serious issues (couldnt play the last 20mins)

As does mine.