Sports Injury Journals

Hey, I was wondering where you guys found all your information relating to sports injuries. For my next paper in english class we have to choose a sports injury and find 4 sources from major journals. The only problem i’m having is that every journal database I can find has nothing. So far i’ve attempted searches for acromioclavicular separtions, Plantar Fasciitis injuries, Concussions, and I attempted to find something on acl injuries. The databases i checked are the proquest research library, the ebescohost journal locator, JSTOR, and YourJournals@Ovid. Any help would be awesome.

To access most major journals you generally need to subscribe to the journal - either by way of a university or your own personal subscription. You may get some info from the links below:

Journal of Athletic Training

Search Engine

Thanks, both of those websites proved very useful!