Sport loading

I was just wondering what place things like speed vests and ankle/wrist weights have in a sprint programme and how I can incorporate them.

I’ve heard that with proper use, you can improve top speed quite significantly. Any ideas whatsoever?

Is anybody out there…?:help:

Avoid the wrist/ankle weights. A speed vest might be ok but there is significant controversy even over this. In any case, you must keep the weight very low so as to not impede sprint form.

A better use for a vest would probably be to wear it when you are not training (>8 hours a day) to simulate a hyper gravity environment. I saw some studies that suggested good results from this type of protocol. The other option is to use the vest for some of your ancillary exercises such as squat jumps.


Weighted vest may be best used during certain drills and plyo excercises. If used during sprints keep the load light.

as gf_200 states, vest may be ok for certain drills, but as sprinting goes and according to Charlie, pulling a light weight or running into the wind is best due to more favourable mechanics. I would stay away from ankle weights for sprinting - puts hams at risk when extending.

Def. ankle weights - big no, no.

By the way forum - is there ANY occassion where they might be of use?

im not sure who said it it may have been xlr who gave a good use of ankle weights…

“use it as a paperweight for your overspeed manual…”

i use ankle weights to do standing hamstring curls on a box, that is good for strengthening and stretching the hamstrings, other than that, i agree with quik.

ankle weights are for women who like the gym scene,you know the babe wearing the place in sprinting,the only place i can see an athlete using them is during walking drills but wouldn’t bother.weighted vests can be used but for what purpose.will they make you sprint faster? debatable! concentrate on your technique,that is were all the people go wrong

the babe wearing the liotard, hahahahaha, where in footloose, who still wears liotards, lol, i agree though, they won’t help sprinting, they will hurt it.