Sponor implicated in BJ scandal?


There is some discussion on the off-limits topic but the overall substance of this interview with Ben Johnson is interesting and takes the Seoul Conspiracy Saga a step closer to the source by nominating a shoe sponsor as having paid for the spiking of BJ’s drink in 1988.

Classic, can’t wait for the book.

I like the following passage:-
Usain Bolt, however, is spared any insinuations. “I’ve not got any bad thing to say about Bolt. I’m happy for him. If I was born 22 years later it would’ve been great to race him. And I don’t think he would have beaten me.”

I can’t wait to see what is in book either.
Good luck Ben.

I do have one question that I hope is legal to ask on this form: For those who are fortunate to make it very high up in the sprinting world, do you really have to be on guard against people who might try and spike your drinks/food?


        i think ben will be doing alot of finger pointing towards his direct team from reading between the lines of your message......would i be correct?

How many of you knew Charlie adored sports cars?
How long did Charlie wait since selling his Aston Martin ( in what year?) before he bought this car?
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Dunno if this helps but a good friend was a speed skater at the highest levels of international competition (world cup, missed two Olympic teams) and while she didn’t have any specific problems that I recall, she was careful about watching her drink on the ice, etc. So she clearly thought it was enough of a concern to warrant being concerned.

I mean, consider some of the bigger stuff we know goes on (e.g. Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan); in the cuthroat world of elite sport…

Yea that’s what I figured. If I ever get to compete professionally I would bring my own food (if I could) and hire somebody to sit with my bags and such.

As far as BJ book, and sidestepping the contents of it, from a pure marketing perspective, it seems awfully late to release a book about a situation that happened in 1988.

A book like this should have been released (I feel) from 1988-1995 to be able to capitalize off an issue that is sill fresh in peoples minds.

Anybody over the age of 30 knows who either BJ is or who the guy that won the 100m in 1988 is n got stripped of his medal.
Any bodybuilding chat room refers to BJ if you want to get strong. All for the wrong reasons.
No wonder the guy can’t escape when so many 1/4 truths about him are spread him everywhere.

the book will be received with a heap of cynicism regardless of what is in it.

I’m intrigued that you appear quite angry about it (understandably as Ben is playing the “I’m an innocent victim” defence he used in '88 yet according to the article Ben was a pallbearer at Charlie’s funeral and I thought they had remained friends. :confused:

In Canada it is Thanksgiving.
James and I have been thinking lots about what we are thankful for.
Now I get to drive Charlie’s car up north to visit family.
I like it.
Cheers to all of you.
An exciting week coming up I hope to be in one piece to share it with all of you.

The confession referred to in this and previous interviews with Ben was only made to him just before the Athens Olympics in 2004. I think it was actually quite a while (some years?) later before Ben managed to get the guy to make the same admissions in a recorded conversation.

The lawyers would have had a stroke over some of the stuff - Ben’s grammar for starters :slight_smile: - and pulling together the money and expertise to self-publish all will have taken a lot of time.

kitkat1 has always been a very wise man.
thanks kitkat1