(Hope that is spelt right)

Hi all,

Just a post on methods/ideas for assisting spondylothesis.
Something which has cut my training down (besides the 40 to 50hrs work) in the past and now considerably since 2002.

Does anyone in the realm of CF have some solutions which may assist? :cool:

If the spondy hasn’t shown any healing in two years I would recomend ceasing training and bracing the back and hips for a while at least during the day. You want to avoid further displacement of the vertabrae at all cost. What kind of work do you do? Am I correct to say you have much pain?

Basically I have reduced my training load to one day per week during the past domestic season and racing basically each weekend. (season end Feb 29, 2004 = 10.59e, 21.11e).
Since July 2002 I have worked as a track manager which includes the setup for meets by myself (setup 90 hurdles, move High jump mats, steeples etc)and now facilities manager for other sporting facilities within the workplace.

Last serious year of running was 2000/01. :cool:

Just looking for answers to assist the problem and get back to near my best (not into excuses).

I would, if possible, obtain new x-rays and possibly a bone scan to indicate where you are in terms of healing. Some times spondy can be sympthmatic even when healed. If healing has not taken place, look into the lumbar/hip brace. The brace is really not that bad in terms of mobility and may make your back feel much better.