split runs for SE

im gonna incorporate some split runs into my spp. I havent done them in some years. I would do 3x100 on days I just didnt feel like running a 300. In my mind the 300 hurt worse but in reality 3x100 split runs was much more painful. When I did them I would run the 100’s back to back no rest with 15 + min break between sets.

My question is what is the recommended time in btween reps for say 3x100 or 2x150? thanks

Why not - 2x2x150 resting 30sec btw reps and 20-25mins btw sets?

I did a John Smith split session 2x4x100 with 45s between runs, 10min between sets. That was a bitch. Have no idea if it works.

I would probably go 3 x 100 moving to 2 x 150 then to either 1 x 200 + 100 or the 300. Rest than repeat.

Yea I plan on doing multiple sets. Just was looking to know the rest time between reps

I would take full rec btw reps - like you would with the full reps…

less than 90s

In one session? That’s quite a lot isn’t it?

Yea say a workout is 2x3x100. 100 rest 30-90 secs between each run x3. Then full recovery after 1 set of 3x100 is done.

No - maybe 3 weeks on each…


Yea that’s what I was thinking. Do that 3:1. Sounds like fun

Better clear up my comment.

If you wanted to start with split runs over a 100m I would do

2 x 3 x 100m, with 60-90 sec recovery between 100 and full recovery between sets for x weeks (I reckon 3 weeks is enough) than move to 2 x 2 x 150 (same recovery) for x weeks etc…

So no it isn’t in one session.

Much appreciated!

I have played around with this quite a bit as we have use of an idoor straight and havee had to split longer runs down to fit in there at times.
I have found that with anything up to 250m (total distance) then 60sec and a 15m roll in for second run and any subsequent runs to equate nicely in terms of total time.
For 300m + then 30sec with a 15m roll in for second (and third) reps fits well to get equivalent times if you were to run the rep as a single run.
Obviously if you want faster than the single run then open up the between runs recovery a bit.

What is the intensity of the runs?

Is there a limit on how long an athlete can stay with split runs for?

Same intensity as regular special endurance runs. That’s why the break after each set is so long.