Split run and acc dev in the same day?

Had a quick question…

I missed some workouts this week. I wanted to do some med ball accelerations up to 20m (10x) and some 200m split runs (100+100) in the same day. Is this a bad idea? If not what volume should I use?


Firstly, if you miss a session do not attempt to make up for by doubling up the next session. Unless one of the sessions is exremly low volume/ low intensity the result will invariably be overtraining.

With that being said, it may be possible to combine the two elements you list. Med ball accelerations will provide a stmulus for the following split runs.

Adjust the volume of accelerations, though. 3-5 may be enough.

The intensity for the split runs shoulbe like 85%. Is that right?

I think if you do the MB accelerations until you decline (but the smallest decline is when you stop) wait about 10 minutes and then do a split run at all out you should be fine. This is going to be a big session though so you need adequate recovery. If you want you could also postpone the split runs until tomorrow and then maybe do 2 provided you could keep up the pace for the second one and aren’t overly drained and sore from yesterday’s session.

I think training for elites and young training age people like you and me is very very different and we can get away with a lot more.