Split during season?

sup guys, I was thinking of planning my split like this during season, so i can get the most out of my lifting and sprinting

Monday: Squat/Deadlift day
Wednesday: Max V/Accel/ Bench
Saturday: Meet (run my 100m races as training)/ if needed ill do a couple 70-120m sprints after my races. Also after the meet, ill do a light olympic lift workout

If you think about it, it has the same rest interval as a M-W-F split, except the equivalent 2 day rest of the M-W-F split is Thursday and Friday in my split

Think this is a plausible split? It’s intended to let me sprint maximally, squat/deadlift maximally, and have a lot of low intensity/off days to recover.

So I gather that you are not goign to be on the track on Mondays? Are you a powerlifter or a sprinter?

I’m very split between the middle. I just want to be as fast and as strong as possible. Strength and speed are both equally important to me.

And you’re right. I wont be sprinting monday. I figured combining Max V and Accel would decrease overall CNS stress, and allow me to have an intense squat/deadlift workout without prior CNS stress, and I still get to work all elements of my race decently.

Anything wrong with this plan?

So is my plan reasonable? Or is this split way better:

Monday: Squat/Deadlift
Tuesday: Accel/Max V
Thursday: Speed endurance or Special Endurance I/II + Bench
Saturday: Meet+ Oly lifting

Any split ideas so I can have squat/deadlift on its own day??

Comments please!

Help is greatly appreciated

if weights are heavy, i would do Tue’s session on Thu + Bench, i.e., sp end on its own

just to have a break between heavy/CNS days

hope it helps!

Hmmm, sounds possible maybe, but what do you think of this split set up as well? I think I could do well on this one:

Mon-Sprints to 40m (very low volume) / ME Lower
Wed-Accel+Max V / ME Upper
Fri-Off or just some light starts

That look better.

Thank you. Anyone else?

looks better as you give a break to yourself after the meet; or perhaps you could some good accel work with heavy weights mid of week…

what’s ME for? is this for the weights? i can’t see them…

ME is maximal effort. Actually, I’ve decided I’m just going to stick to a 5x5 routine(For squat and bench…every 3rd week a deadlift variation will be done very heavy…but 2/3 weeks i will deadlift very light…for speed) and keep the volume of assistance exercises low.