What do crowns do for spikes? I think that’s what they call them. Are they just to get you on your toes more?

yup, get you on your “balls of your feet more” i feel they assist me in fireing out of the blocks because i can apply more force with my foot in that position.

can you wear 1/8th in. spikes with them cause they seem to cover some of the spike.

I don’t know my exact spike length, but i think that you can still fit 1/8" with crowns.

Personally, i like crowns because it “feels” faster, although i don’t really know if they actually help. I generally use them on everything 400m and less, but i have done a few 800s with them by accident :slight_smile: !

running 800m on your toes(?)… time :slight_smile: ?

I think the crowns blow. :mad: They put your feet in an unatural position, not to mention they don’t feel natural. Maybe it’s just me, but I like “feel” more. Maybe it’s the hippie in me, but I feel more at one with the track without :devil: the crowns. Kinda like what Zoom Air in basketball shoes do. Zoom Air was actually made for that specific purpose.

what are crowns?

crowns are those red things between the spike and the shoe…