Speed workout

I received a workout for a sprinter that runs the 100, 200, and the
400. It was 10x100m with 10 min recovery. Is this a good workout for all of these events? And what would be good sprint work for a HS sprinter?

Thank you

A workout on its own doesn’t mean much; it’s how a workout is scheduled into a programme that matters.

But on that session in particular first point is, it is very long, 1hr 40min not including warm-up is to much. With those sort of recoveries you might do 4 as a special endurance session but certainly not 10. Or You could go the other way and drop the recoveries to 3min and make it an intensive tempo session, it all depends on what do you want to get out of session? That current session is in no mans land.

As for telling you what a good sprint programme might look like you could get a million and one responses and they could all be ineffective for the athlete in question. Your best bet, if you havn’t already, is to read some books and learn what is involved in sprint training so you can make your own plans. These would be a very good starting point:

Charlie Francis Training System http://www.charliefrancis.com/store/Scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=15

Or for 400m specificly, Training for 400m http://www.oztrack.com/order400.htm

Than you very much, for someone new that was very helpful and easy to understand

Keep in mind that is a workout for the beggining of the season. You could also do 5x20 meters with 2 minutes rest in between each rep, it’s faster to do. A workout for this part of the season that i have my sprinters doing is 3x30 from blocks, 3 fying 30’s and 1 60.

Thanks for the info