speed vs. endurance training

my understanding is, when your doing speed training you want to take enough rests in between each run so that you aren’t fatigued. The reason being you form is being sacrificed and you don’t get in the habbit of running with bad form.

but when you do endurance training, you need minimal rests, but when you do this, your sacrificing form, and it just contradicts speed training.

I’m confused! Can anybody clear this up for me? Maybe i just got it all wrong through wrong information? I don’ know

The tempo is not a time to slack on form/posture. You do the tempo at a slow enough pace that you are not fatigued to the point you cannot hold posture and tall hips. Tempo is done at an intensity lower than 70% and is done to the point the athlete is warm.

thanks buddy, that helps a lot

You are welcome. Remember that tempo aids in recovery and over time assists in creating positive gains in muscle/oxygen utilization.