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I’ve been looking for ages for a reverse leg press machine but no gym in my country has one.

an interesting alternative might be this one from tomdrum.com


has anyone used this? what do you all think?
I am going to order the fraid nots rope so i might as well get a level one speed tube too but i would like some advice please too thanks.

Ps - ive been doing cleans, box squats, reverse hypers, glute ham raise for hamstring strength in the past but im still not at all happy with my ham strength

If you want to do reverse leg press, just find a regular leg press machine and do it backwards (push your shoulder into the head rest, put one foot on the ground and one foot back onto the sled and do some reps).

That speed tube is similiar to Dr. Yessis’ active-cords. I’ve used them in the past with some success but have since eliminated them from our program because I feel they have the potential to reinforce bad sprint mechanics (reach and pull).

i mean the reverse leg press as pictured on page 51 of the cfts pdf.
its kind of unclear what exactly that machine is and how to use it…

another page that mentions them is here: http://www.wepinet.com/a1-olympic-story-part03-valerie-elly.htm
but again it is unclear what exactly is required.

it seems to me that the one in cfts and the link above are “pulls” not “presses”
can anyone clarify what exactly a reverse leg press is?

mortac - im unsure how i would do as you say but i will try it tomorrow in my gym. Im sure there’ll be lots of ppl laughing at me using a leg press machine wrongly

I am pretty sure the ones in CFTS are presses and not pulls.

In your link above, you should be able to do reverse leg presses fine on a machine like in the photo above the “A MASSIVE 465kgs” caption.

Just use common sense. You could probably leave the spotter levers in place and start out with no weight except for the sled itself. It’s not as nice as having a reverse leg press machine but it’s still a good exercise. People might look at you funny, but I look at people funny who do regular leg presses :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you understand what I mean here is some abstract artwork…

You can never have strong enough hams.

I can’t see why anyone needs fraid knots or a fancy rope for stretching, after all it is just literally money for old rope (and sorry to dissapoint but Tom doesn’t ship internationally)

Scary chick … aims to beat Flo Jos record … serious

Wearing shades in the gym … I’m worried for you John

Oh … and get in your car and travel out to Richie Bennis’ house this weekend and put your case to him about now before things start up for the winter.

Oh Lord save us …


If I’m picturing this correctly, couldn’t you just use a cuff that attaches to your foot (or ankle or thigh) and attach it to a cable column which almost any gym should have. You’re doing this mainly for hip extension I assume?

That isn’t a reverse leg press, it is a standing single leg curl which is another option.

CT wrote an article a few years ago called The painful 7 that has various exercises.

thanks men, thats some good advice there - esp mortac’s artwork. i get it now. a very strange looking exercise but it seems just the ticket for my weak hams.

no23 - i dont think richie think much of a fella beggin for a place. its put up or shut up time now for me. we’ve a big game coming up in 2 weeks and if i dont do it then i dont deserve a trial. so we’ll see.

i’,m more after tomdrum’s dvd than the rope itself. my stretching isnt an exact science. just a mishmash of ones ive picked up over the years. id like to have an exacct program to monitor my progress you know

You shouldn’t need a DVD for that.

You don’t need to stretch anyway - its been proven to be useless

god thank you someone has seen the light.

You see you are among friends!


I wouldn’t say all is useless.