Speed training for athlete

Hello. I am looking for speed training program for a 13-14 year old teen.

Anything you can give me will help.

Diet, supplements, speed session, strength, plyos and so on.

Keep in mind that HE has access to some dumbells and not a gym (not old enough). An indoor and outdoor track, stairs/hill. It is also cold here, about -15 on average.

I would like it if you provide most detail on speed sessions and the day of speed training.

Anything else about a complete speed training program is wanted too.

As another question, what supplements are good for this age?


As others will probably post, noone is going to just give you a complete speed program with nutritional guidelines, supplements, etc… Without you doing the research around here. Believe me, the answers are all here in the forums, you just have to read around a bit.

I know this isn’t the answer you want to hear, but check out the GPP DVD, Fundamentals 1 DVD, and CFTS E-book. Believe me, once you get these products you will have a greater understanding of what you want to accomplish.

If I could input anything, zero supplements right now except for a multi-vitamin and fish oil supplement. Maybe a whey powder, MAYBE, but that’s about it.

You haven’t really provided the specifics on your athlete as far as linear-dominant sport, multi-directional sport, etc etc etc… Provide some more info and you may get some more back. Good luck.

HI, welcome.
As said, there is tons of info
For a yr plan, check out the Vancourver DVD - its laid out as much as you can get it there. Check for threads commenting on that dvd.

for block starts technique - check out fundamentals dvd, there you will get too see real time changes on different peoples starts, among other things.

You should realy start with the CFTS training book, the majority of answers are in there, the DVD’s really just “show” you what you have learnt, except the Vancouver dvd also has graphs that go with it too.

There is someplace that talks about all these products, whats in them etc. Im not 100% sure where, buts its there someplace.

If you want a cheaper version, check out some of the Journals and see if they are following the CF plan. that will give you a good idea too.

Have fun.

actually i was looking more to see if my training is correct.

however I still have uncertainty over whether my speed days are done correctly.

Warm up is about 1km jogging. Tempo pace for 50m, walk 50m=1 lapx3. Dynamic stretching and light static on calves and quads. I dynamically stretch through the hips and other muscles. Loosen up joints. All the drills done 2-3 times each. 1 very short light sprint.

Then warm ups come off, spikes get put on.

Here everything is done with blocks.


Each sprint has full recovery in between.

Warm ups back on, spikes off.

A short walk, and then a couple laps of jogging. Then a full 15 minute static stretch period, each muscle for 30 seconds.

No other exercise on this day.

Anything wrong with this workout?

I’m no coaching authority but I think fundamentally there’s too much volume for the level of intensity in that one day example you gave us.

Perhaps you can start with something simple like
4x30 at 100% 2.5’
2x60 at 95% 5’
considering your age and perhaps level of experience in the sprints?

Hope it helps =)