Speed training 3 x week?

I finally got a PR for a flying 30 yesterday. I ran 3.04 (FAT), finally beating my time of 3.11 from the very first run that I took 3 weeks ago.

Anyway, I was thinking about how I hate taking 2-3 days off in between speed work. What do you guys think about doing speed work 3 x a week with only 48 hours in between?

Personally, three times a week might be a bit much. I am assuming you are more along the lines of a 100m sprinter. Maybe do speed twice and speed endurance once during the week with 48 hours in between (I do tempo days in between speed/speed endurance/special endurance workouts). That’s what I have done and I have been PR’ing like crazy (though I was also hurt). Maybe 2x per week, but speed 3x might be much.

My routine below…

speed1/plyos/weights (short speed 5x30 block starts, 2 flying 10’s all at 100%)



SE/weights (85-95% longer speed 6x120m)


speed3 (mid length speed 90-95% 4x60 lying start)




kevin, how did you get a FAT flying 30?

with a wireless timing system that uses infa-red sensors:


Wow! That looks amazing…is it worth the grand?

Well, I THOUGHT it was worth the grand when I bought it… then, when I got it I found out that you can’t time a fly with it unless you buy an extra set of sensors ($400). So that’s actually $1400. Personally I don’t think it’s worth the price, but I was willing to pay it. The feedback is really valuable, and since I don’t compete I’d never get to see my times without it.

I was thinking that if I ever stop using it, I’d sell it for half price ($700-$800) to someone on this board if there were any takers

what are you PR.'S?
i usually run my flying 30’s with a 20 meter fly zone in 3.0 hand time. My best hand timed 100 is 10.6. From a crouching start i run my 30’s in 3.8-3.9.

My 100m PR is 11.71 from two years ago. I was the worst starter in the history of the universe though… we used those MOYE blocks (3-pt start) and we were taught to use them in an ASS-BACKWARDS way, standing way up on the front pedal and leaning way forward with all the weight on the front arm. My HS coaching really was bad.

What do you think you can run a 100 in now?
Have you timed any 55’s, 100’s or 150’s?
Because if you are running 3.0 FAT in a flying 30 you should be sub 11.

Well, that was actually for 27.42m.

27.42m/3.04 = 9.01/sec

100m/(9.01m/sec) = 11.10 sec for a flying 100m.

11.16 sec + 1 sec for start = 12.10 sec

That’s my estimated 100m time based on my flying 27.42m

ok 27.42 now it mkes sense

Moye Starting Blocks used "ass-backwards?? There is no “ass-frontwards” way to use those things! No wonder your start was terrible.
BTW- look for the recent thread on the use of the Video Camera for Electronic Timing. Kill two birds with one stone (save a pile of money) and eliminate a tremendous amount of set-up time.

i dont know about getting a digital video camera to save a load of money.
A good digital video camera can cost around $700.
Id rather buy the speedtrap 2 system just under $1000 and take advantage of its features and not have to worry about counting frames and whatever other methids you and number 2 were talking about that i still find rather abstract.
What do you think about the speedtrap system anyway? ever use it?
seems kinda neat. woth the investment.

You have to appreciate the instant feedback that the Speedtrap delivers… for example, you can try different block settings and immediately see if something works significantly better or worse

you own this system yourself? or you coach does?
im serioulsy thinking about investing in this.

I would rather use a video camera…:baddevil::


I imagine coaches like Charlie & Clemson can look back and see exactly how differences in technique correlate with differences in time .
As a mere athlete receiving sporadic coaching with only comp times as a mark of improvement - I’d love a Speedtrap

I guess 2 speed and 1 agility is pushing it a little too?
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