Speed Program for 400/800

My friends have put me in charge of developing a winter program to get us in shape for track. Our common bond is the 400, but some of us run the 800 and some the 200. Last year, our common bond was not the 400, it was the lack of power we all possesed. None of us had broken 12.6 in the 100 and none 24.0 in the 200, even though some of us had been training with the sprinters. So this year I’m putting together (with your help) a more speed and power oriented program that emphysizes the speed rather than endurance.

Our cross country season ends Nov1, after one or two weeks rest we plan on developing our speed. We have done a commendable amount of speed work during our xc season so we really haven’t stopped working out white fibres, however, I’d put money on the fact that our transitional fibres are now bright red.

Nov15-Jan1 A slow and deliberate approach is going to be taken to developing our speed. A lot of easy, but fast runs with lots of recovery (mainly fartlicks) and care to ensure that all of our tendons and bones adjust properly from the lower impact of cross country to the high impact of sprinting. Our tempo runs will be kept at a maintinence level only, and the main emphasis will be on increasing speed and building a proper sprint form.

Jan1-Feb1 During this time power will be emphasized with lots of plyometrics and short speed drills in addition to tempo runs. We will begin to build an anearobic base during the later end of this period, with some “light” lactic workouts. (if that’s not an oxymoron I don’t know what is)

Our season starts in Febuary and goes on into may. I spoke with my coach and he told me to see what I could put together and bring it back to him so that we could work out the details 1 on 1.

Large spots in my program are blank, but I don’t know what they are. If you could help and give suggestions in any way, SPEAK! :smiley: