speed of tempo

i did a tempo session the other day consisting of 100s and 200s and smy dad came to watch me and he told me i was goin to slow, but i took no notice because i heard that u have to it at a pace where you can finish at the same pace u started. then the next tempo session i timed myself and found that i was running the 100s in 20 seconds. So then i started running them in 18 and found that i could only do about 1000 metres. can any one give some advice? thanx. my 100 time is 11.3

With an 11.3 best, you could go as fast as 15sec on the track- perhaps a couple of seconds slower on grass. What are the break times and volume? what’s your age and training age?

im 21
i ussually do tempo on a soccer ground
length about 105 metres witdh about 70

100 100
100 100 100
200 100
100 100 100
100 100

jog width between runs
and walk width between

when i did the 100s in 17.5 ish i felt wasted and had to walk in between instead of a jog. should i put the volume down and gradually increase?

No that is 1300m, you won’t to build up to 2000m.

Slow them down. Try and finish the same pace you start at.

but is doing them all in about 20s ok? or is that too slow

I have no problem with Tempo is a recovery session and over time you will get quicker.

I run 12s and started at 24seconds. I still run them at 18-19

You need to finish the way you start, but you should expect a rapid improvement in a short period.