Speed from Power

I have been doing non-traditional track weights…aka beach weights, although I have strengthened up nicely, and have put on some size…I am no Michael Green!

If I want to be the fastest I can be and covernt this great power into speed, should I change to more traditional Track weights or just keep trucking.

I take it that you are speaking of currently doing more hypertrophy work. This is nice if you are young in training age, but for sprint training, you need to periodize your weights to be more specific to how you are currently training. What are you doing now? That is a good start.

Actually I am 33 this march. retired from track in 1997 after an achilles injury. ran 10.51, 21.50 & 33.77 indoors so had some good years…I began training on track again 1 month ago…raced last week at a chicago college meet and ran a 6.74 55m…so I am thinking of getting semi serious…again! Right now I concenterate on strength wieghts…reps of 4-8, with 85%-97% max. I didn’t do much in the way of weights in college…just cleans, squats, bench, calve raises and maybe some wieghted lunches. I do way more than that now, just wondering if I should ome down a bit.

In previous posts discussed recently, we have been talking about the “cutting out the fat” of weight training programs. You want to keep the more complex lifts in your schedule and cut out the auxillary lifts that do not serve a purpose except hypertrophy (or mirror friendly lifts). Just focus on 3-5 lifts a session and that will allow for more percentage of intensity and training to occur on the track. Hope this helps :smiley:

Thanks dlive11. I guess I didn’t want to hear it, even thought I know your right. I will mine back into the other posts you mentioned and leave my mirror image for awhile…thanks.

LOL. You will be fine. As Charlie says, form follows function, so you will probably get even better results! Good luck.