Speed Endurance

What are some good Speed endurance workouts for a 200m dprinter and how many days can speed endurance be done for during the off season and during Competiton season?


A good speed end. workout for a 100-200 sprinter early on may be something like 3x3x60 with 1 min rest and 5 mins between sets. That is more of a neuromuscular speed end workout however any distance from 60 meters up to 160 is considered speed endurace since max velocity is in place after that point in time and the ability to maintain it comes into play. In those longer workouts you may want to use full recovery since you want to make sure you are actually trying to maintain your TOP speed during eachj and every rep.

And remember speed endurance should not be done until acceleration and max velocity are both in place in your training plan because if they are not in place and you do not have the ability to accelerate to top speed then what are you trying to endure (maintain)? a slow sub max speed