Speed-endurance-training on a 40-meter track?

Does anyone have any ideas on how to implement some speed-endurance-training when all you have got access to is a 40-meter track?
Would repated 40-meter runs with walk-back recovery do, or would I be better off focusing more on general-endurance and/or strenght-endurance?
I’m training for the 60-meters by the way.

If you are training for the 60, you don’t need any speed endurance. My question would be how are you training for top speed on a 40m track?

By speed-endurance I meant holding top-speed for as long as possible.
If you are not running sub7s for 60-meters you probably reach top-speed before the 40-meter mark - I know I do, but of course running 40-meters only is not ideal.

I was wondering the same thing - but using a 60m indoor track and wondering if split runs are viable or even worthwhile for 60m distances if shorter recovery times are used for max speed on full 60m reps -

Thors consideration is prolly due to his weather situation / frostbite / ice etc lol and not being able to hit true top speed in such conditions - mine is the same but conditions are far less severe here thank God

Thor I do remember a previous post by Charlie about doing fast leg drills for longer distances as a kind of speed endurance - can’t remember exact details but this would be viable on a 40m track

Running As for distance were mentioned.

There is no need to work on Speed Endurance this time of year. If you have a 60m track that is all you need. It is more than alot of us have as far as facilities is concerned.

Speed Enduracnce work can be saved until the outdoor training starts, and even then, not right away. Start short and increase to long.

Cheers Herb - I wasn’t planning any SE for a long while yet but I do want to bring it in earlier than I did last year - the county champs are at the beginning of may and I was planning on doing the 200m as well -

last year my SE took a long time to catch up with my accelleration and speed - til july in 100m and late august in 200m - maybe this was because it was my first season and the improvements I was making were always going to be big etc

8 weeks doesn’t seem long enough for me personally to build SE up to 200m - I was thinking that doing occassional split runs might help prepare me for the shift to SE maybe in mid feb