speed endurance frenzy

okay i did a 150m test, it was done standing start. Before that i had done 3x30,3x50 full recovery. Then did max out 150m then 2 more intensive tempo pace. I got 18.6seconds if i were to improve this by 1 second how fast would my 100m be? for the 100m i have’nt done a time trial yet, but it prob is faster mid 11 seconds because my friend runs 11.59ht and i am barely ahead of him, my 40m is 5.52ht and 60m 7.50ht. Suggestions or keep running em 150s?

18.6 divide 150 x 100 = 12.4. if your speed endurance is realllll crap and your dying from 80m then maybe 11.5 is correct. And if its that bad, you need to be working on you speed endurance a bit. Also, hand time suck. Get a digital camera and the compter will tell you darn close to electronic time.

my coach is very good handtimer and is off by .2-.3 this is for everybody, times also affected by the worn track we run on, cause it rains and snows here and i think its token a toll on it, we all run way faster on the ones in the vancouver district swangard stadium or wherever not from north shore. I feel fine and relaxed running the 150s i dont get as gassed as before when doing them, just i slow down alot on the last 50m even thouhg i am not tired or anything. What are good staple speed endurance exercises shuold i be doing with the CORRECT rest?

Q1., can you do 10x200m at tempo
Q.2. can you run a 300m effort at pace? best thing is get a standard time for it, if you cant beat that time, then do another one up to 3 efforts of 300m. That way, mentally, you will force yourself to try and rewarded by only doing 1 effort. If you slacken, then another is a must. Total 3.
Try this for a few mnths 1 times per wk. Watch your 300m times come down. Then 3 mnths later, try a 150 and expect around 17.25… Massive.

did a special endurance session with coach, 300 (49 around there i slowed down i was dying), 10 mins rest 200 got a 27.7 on the 200 but a kid was in the middle of the track and had to run around him so could’ve been abit lower. second 200 was 29, and 10 min rest and 150 run got 21 seconds on that and last ones i did at intensive tempo pace cause i was gassing like crazy. My weakness are these big runs.

At the times listed, you need to improve your general fitness before worrying about speed endurance.

Agreed totally.

what staple exercises can i do to improve on this?

tempo, bodyweight and medball circuits, hill sprints in GPP, core work, other callisthenics

heh cant do tempo now as im coming off injury and aggravating then injury inflammation etc. I do 20 mins endurance stuff on the bike. interesting you all are right my general conditioning was horrible, a month of lettin this thing heal allowed me to go on the elliptical and bike more and now the condition is comin along. That was my 1st 300m in the second and coming now third season of me doing track so far. Also i did not technically finish the 300m so if i actually finish it i can do abit faster im going for 45 seconds next time then 44,42,40 BAM. my coach says because i did fullout speed on the 30m and 50m runs prior im expected to run faster then 18.6 so who knows, he says i can run mid-high 17.

Man my body is getting sore, i feel abit sore not supre sore which is good.

another note what is the difference of special endurance. Will it help my 100m? Does it allow lactate threshold to increase allowing better neural firing for fast twitch muscles. Help me achieve the knoweldge. Thanks gooday

It’s not just the 300, it’s also the 200’s and the 150. Plus, if you’re running 49 (let’s say you could have dropped 2 seconds w/o the kid there and finishing hard, which is a lot to give) then you’re at 47 and you need to drop a LOT more time if you want to be a factor in any race 100m and above (at least 7 secs for an uncoditioned mid 11’s runner).

You can sprint, but you can’t do tempo? Have you tried medicine ball circuits or doing a lot of callisthenics? Pool workouts and the bike can be good, although I would watch out from doing too much work on the bike as it can tighten your hamstrings.

medicine ball no, i do lots some ab workouts. My abs and medsection is very powerful, with little training i can get it tp shape doing all sorts of ab exercises. It is consistent and never loses that much strength. the kid ran a 46 and i severly slowed down as she passed me, coach says my threshold was at 180 mark where he can see everything slow down.

so davan me running mid-11s what should my 150s 200s and 300s be around. aprox? would this allow me to run around 3.6 seconds for the last 40m? or would this also decrease times for my 60m?

To even have a chance of running 3.6 for your last 40m, you need to be well under 7 seconds for 60m. Times that would allow for this would have to include, at worst, 22.0 for 200m and 34.0 for 300m.

holy cow. Thats fast 200,300 times for me. 300 at 34 man that will be tough.

okay i had a meet today and i thought all this training would help i felt fast, yet i didnt break my PB and ran 12.19 FAT. I felt that i couldve run 11.5 or something, oh man this is crazy. Its as if i cant run any faster during the races, i didnt tense or nothing i felt relaxed and still got passed. I need to figure out how to get the speed endurance going. my 150s and 120s are good they are not tough and they are getting faster, what other problem could it be. I dont get nervous and dont tense up, i gotta find a way and i cant find it.

its could be that ur top speed is not as good as the other guys, there a couple posts at the moment discussing this

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thing is bold i ran almost this exact same time last year before i got injured, PB 12.17 and i ran a year later 12.19. I swear to you i felt more faster then this, wtf is going on man its getting to me you know, geez.