speed endurance exercises

okay mike you said in a thread long ago that anything ran at full acceleration to 40-75m is considered short speed endurance. I was doing a form of speed endurance at 3x4x50-60m for a few weeks and i want to change it up cause im nearing hte end of my 3-1-3 week scheme for acceleration. I do speed endurance on a friday and speed is on mon and wednesdays. The only speed endurance exercises i know is 120s and 150s and special endurance like 300s. I was wondering how i can progress this, i was looking into what quik does which i quote from him…

"Special endurance and speed endurance are two different things.

The speed endurance session you mentioned 3x3x50 is reffered to by JJ as neuromuscular speed endurance. In my opinon it can be worked on during SPP and through other times of the year.

Special Endurance is seperated into 2 types. Special End I which is usually classified as distances under 300 meters and Special End II which is usually classified as distances of 300 meters and above.

In Special Prep before I begin Special Endurance I like to do “Split Runs” which is pretty much a combo of Intensive tempo/Spe end. These type of runs get you ready for the special endurance II reps later in the phase. A split rep session would be something like 200@90% Rest 90" 100 @ Max. You may start at 3 of these reps and maybe get up to 5. 10-15 mins is taken between sets. This session will get you read for a session such as 2x300@95% with 15’ rest.
The reason I go from split runs to Special End. II is because I like to work from both ends. For short speed I go from accel===>Max V======>Speed End. and for Special Endurance Spectrum I like to go from Intensive Tempo====>Split Runs====>Special End II====>Special End I====>Speed End (with the neuromuscular speed endurance be worked on right after max velocity is in place).
The reason I like to go long to short with Spe End is because if max velocity is not in place yet you still have the ability to accelerate fast enough for a 300 to break the world record however not fat enough to break the 150 world record. So as the season goes on and your max velocity is in place you can work on the short Spe end reps at a fast enough speed to be benificial."

How do i go about doing this, i am trying to find out the devil in the details. Could i go

3x80m with 10min rest in between for 2 weeks then
3x120s with 15min rest in between for the next 2 weeks after
move to 3x150s for another 2 weeks and then
do special endurance for 2 weeks using 2x300 or 2x250m with 20-25min rest in between
then go back down to 3x150 for another 2 and 120m and alternate between the two till end of season?

Also if you consider short speed endurance 40-75m with full rest coming from full acceleration. If i were to train maxv from now on should i do on a typical session

warmup and buildups
then move on to

flying 30s with 30m run in OR sprint 20 float 20 sprint 20?

If Mike doesn’t answer you on his own board, he’s probably not going to here :wink:

Too funny, one min its speed volume now its speed end exercises.

hahah yeah. I just have some confusion with some stuff especially speed endurance and special endurance. because of the speed volume thread i got that understood now under the next things that i have hard time understanding.

Have you got the Van’04 download it shows you how to progress SE runs?

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It’s $34 go wash cars for a day :slight_smile: really it has all of your answers in there.