Speed Development

Where in your training would you use hill training? At what point would you use sled training? When would you add down hill sprinting?

Do a search and/or buy the GPP dvd where this is covered in detail. This doesn’t belong in the advanced sprint section.

Since I am trying to improve the speed of my sprinters, where would suggest I go to ask my question? Just curious?

They are already covered in other threads on the forum and in the Forum Review Ebook and the GPP DVD. Its all there you just need to search for it. Trust me its the best investment you will ever make coaching wise.


hill and sled fall gpp work, i normally use overspeed training in my final phases…

what kind of overspeed? downhill, parachute (after releasing the 'chute), elastic rubber…
can you explain this point? thx

i use cables.