speed books?

i need to improve my 40… what book is best? e-books are okay i just need to know the best read out there…

I have not found any e-books so far, but there is this book at ‘Amazon.com


It’s very good, infact I own a copy myself.

It’s a great read, with some very good training techniques.

There are some other good books also on the Amazon pages.

Good luck with searching!

Please tell me both of you have Charlie Francis’ Training for Speed … please …

Of course I have.

And a copy of ‘Speed Trap’.

I mean c’mon, who doesn’t own at least one of those two killer books?

i dont have either of those… but that is why i am asking you guys what to buy… what is in that training for speed book? i mean is it too basic? i dont want any cookie cutter type books…

Go to: http://www.charliefrancis.com/store/Scripts/default.asp

and spend the $48 to get Training for Speed, Speed Trap and the Forum review. It will be the best $48 you ever spent on sports training.

The books do not provide cookie-cutter speed training programs, instead they lay out and explain the principles behind Charlie’s speed training methods…everything from the yearly program design down to exercise selection and how to put it all together. You can then take this information and put together a program appropriate for your goals.

If you have a bit of extra money, or still don’t get what to do after reading the three books, then spring for the extra $99 and get the video.

I have just about every speed training book ever written and the one I keep coming back to is CFTS. Once you read it, you can understand why a program like the one layed out in the Sport Speed book (mentioned above) is sub-optimal.

Agree with xlr8.

The truth of the matter is that speed development is an individual venture, because everyone has their strength and weaknesses. Furthermore, training has a certain element of trial and error. After all, how would you TRULY know if something works until you try it?

CFTS gives an explanation of training elements and concepts, which makes it easier to, like xlr8 said, “put together a program appropriate for your goals.”

Btw, Charlie isn’t giving me a dime to say this…just giving credit where credits’ due.

I agree with xlr8 100%. In fact, I’ve given the same adivce to others on numerous occassions. Concerning cookie cutter workouts, if I have one complaint about Charlie’s writings it’s that they include too few sample workouts. Charlie really follows the credo of teaching people to fish for themselves.

Another reason that I think forum members should buy the books is that Charlie provides this web site free of charge and at his own expense, and many people here have been able to use this free resource to advance their careers. And the books are worth every penny and then some, so it’s a win win situation.

Agree 100%.

The four most used books I have are CFTS, Training for Speed, Speed Trap and Forum review. I always have one of them on me.

This forum is an excellent source of info. and wealth of knowledgable people - but you need to read Charlies books to get the mosst out of it.

There are some okay books out there but no where near as good.

what is cfts? dont see that one?

CFTS is the Charlie Francis Training System. Training for Speed is the Australian edition of CFTS, with a few different pictures from what I understand.

where can you buy cfts? i havent found it anywhere

Hello?!? Click on the link in post #6 of this thread…