To expand on a topic in Science and Practice of Strength Trainng by Vladimir Zatsiorsky, i’d like to apply Specificity to Volleyball weightroom training.

As defined in the text, Specificity is the similarity between adaptation induced by a training drill and adaptation required by a main sport movement. (Can also be explained as an issue of transfer of training results.)

Since most traditional forms of training (as I myself have finally trying to get away from as I was brainwashed by coaches that didn’t train me properly in anyway I feel) consist of Barbell Bench Press, Back Squatting and Overhead Pressing; how can i apply weights to bring upon carry over to the volleyball court. My brother is 16 years old and is a high school volleyball player and receiving college interest. I played Division I volleyball and am extremely motivated to work with my brother and make sure he gets the great work that I never received. Can someone help with some Weightroom activities that will help get away from the traditional bodybuilding models that are being used currently with him. Thanks.

First of all you need to know how much jumping he is doing in his volleyball training. Having established how much extra specific stress he can handle you probably want to start looking at Olympic lifts and different complexes of plyometrics and strength training methods.

i’ll do a lot of GPP stuff, with and without weights, pre-acrobatics and pre-atletic drills…

now it’s time to learn how to control the body and how to EXACTLY execute the movements that will be used in his wo.

All they do is jump. They jump rope for fast high reps, squat jumps, lateral jumps, he’s at an athletic center that just opened up in our town and he’s using this vertimax machine and just jumping there as well.

I just think if he’s jumping in conditioning, he’s jumping while playing, he’s jumping in his off season, shouldn’t he do something else to improve his vertical through strength training? No one has ever brought upon the idea of maybe getting stronger since volleyball is definitely a power sport. Short, explosive movements with rest inbetween, i would think having these guys strong as hell would be a priority, (of course along with their skill and athletic work).

I’d say you’re on the right track. The last thing a volleyball player needs is any more jumping activity, olympic lifts, explosive activities, plyos, etc. They get plenty from practice. Just get him stronger and hammer the posterior chain.