Special endurance 2 and weights afterwards ? Please: a quick answer

I m planning sth like that:

Warm-up 2
4x30m fly 5mins rest
200m maximum with 20-30min rest
200m maximum or maybe 300m
15 mins rest

30min weights:
3x6: Bench, neck press, sth for back
2x4: squad, snatch, Ham/Glutes

My problem is: I cant find a discription of a training session with special endurance runs(CFTS,GPP,Vancouver). I just know that CFTS makes some sprints before these 2 runs, but i m wondering if i should do weights afterwards???

And what about the maximum volume of special endurance runs(sprints berfore and spec end 2 runs)?

Cheers :cool:

I don’t understand your question.

Here is a training session incorporating special endurance 2 runs.

Warm Up
Med Ball Accelerations
3x30 stand
3x30 blocks

600 [12 min rest] 600

As of now you can schedule weight training but once you complete the workout you will have a better idea if you’ll have the energy to do it. You may find that you can only do a percent of the lifts (ie, squat and bench). Don’t be afraid if you a miss weight session or two (sound familiar :rolleyes: ), however, you find that you are constantly adjusting or missing your weight sessions then you’ll probably running to hard duing SEII sessions. :slight_smile:

are the 30s at 100% ?

And did i get it right: You are doing 2x600m as special endurance runs?
I wouldnt do more then 2x200m or maybe 200m+300m.

But anyway: What about the weights after Speed+Special Speed endurance(2 reps)+weights on the same day?

of course i m hearing to my body and then decide about weights(especially the volume).

But what do you mean by " running to hard during SE II sessions?"
I m doing them once a week at 100% :smiley:

Yes. I wouldn’t try and do submaximal block starts, it kind of defeats the purpose of them.

Re-reading your post, I assume you are asking can you do gym after SE? My answer is yes.

One doesn’t have to (probably shouldn’t) run SE at max all the time. Sub max runs will provide the training stimulus you desire minus some of the stress. Drop down to 95% or so. 5% may not seem like much of a difference but your body will notice and possibly thank you :slight_smile: :o

thx for that. Yes, that was the question.

I just feel trashed after the SE-runs, but after 15mins its okay.
I just thought about higher injury-risk…

I have my athletes do strength work later in the day or about 45min if time is an issue. Realise that if you can’t do what you planned then don’t do it and just deal with it.

SE runs at 90-93% and weights with caution on volume as you say, if that bothers you, sound fine.
No reason not to do your weights after a SE session -take your short break if you want as well, yes…

I think you could employ a "conservative " weight session afterwards, maybe not performing OL if you are fried…and controlling the intensity on the slow lifts ( can count on as a slightly lighter weight day in the week)

what exactly?

i belive in OL as compound exercises, but anyway: what intensity?

Would you do a hypertrophie triainng after sprints?
I would do hyperthrophie the day after sprint work with some tempos, because both isnt high intensity… What do you guys think?

I believe in Ol too…but if you use them 2 times a week while doing SE2, is not a problem…also can modify intensity ande reps on squat and so on, ex, instead of doing 4x3 at 85% in a given phase, it can become 4x5 at 75% , ore use front squat instead of back, or single limbed exercise