special endurance 1&2 for 100/200m

should i do special endurance 2 for my 100/200m training and if so when should i incorporate it into my schedule. any help would be appreciated.

I can’t see a question up there…

Seriously though, the forum will need much more info about you than this to start making any suggestions at all; in any case, I would first spend quite some time on looking at the threads of this site, make a plan and then come back with specific questions.

Hope this is of some help!

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i’ve found out i can do it but i don’t know if it will affect my 100/200m time that is my question. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a certain fellow named Carl Lewis who did SE II early in the week (400s-600s) through most of the season. There are different ways of getting this into your program. One way, espoused by CF, is to start with SEII once acceleration to 30m is in place (this would put it in early, perhaps SPP), then go on to Special Endurance that is more specific to your event (thus 100/200 guys go SE II -> SE I, while 400 guys do the opposite order).

I do it a little differently. I’ve had very good luck with split runs, which I do for most of the season, and I do SE II as split runs. My precomp microcycle is normally like this:

6 X 100 75-90 sec rest (SE II)
3 X 30 flying + 2 X 60 (Max V/acc)
60 + 100 + 120 + 150 (se)

Once the 6X100 gets as fast as I think I can get it–in keeping with the short-to-long philosophy–the split runs are replaced with SE I (3X150 or 3X200) and I add some long speed (6X60 or 4X100). I also add more rest by stretching the microcycle as I go from SPP (3 hard days/wk) through precomp to COMP (2 hard days/wk).

thnx ikh do you do 100/200m as well you were great help also does the short to long fort special 1 go int tempo -> split runs -> special e 2 -> special e 1. also do you do special e 2 once a week or during pre comp-comp phase can you make a micro cycle for it like:
week 1: speed e
week 2: special e 2
week 3: speed e with 1 se2 rep on the end
week 4: special e 2
thnx again.

can anyone help especially ikh or any1 who can help on give me info on my previous question b4 this post is closed.

I’m a pure sprinter, 60/100 mostly, occasionally 200 (at 6’4", I’m not the worlds greatest curve runner). What follows is specific to training for 100. If I was running 400, I would be doing SEII more and pushing se up to more like 300-400m length, like Mister C.

Regarding, short to long phasing, I’ve tended to follow what CF has said quite closely. So, on the speed side:

short acc (GPP) -> long acc (40-60m) -> max V -> long speed (60-100m, full rec)

For the se/SEI/SEII side:

extensive tempo -> split runs -> SEII(if you do it) -> SEI

I have not done intensive tempo because Charlie is dead-set against it–same thing applies to overspeed (towing). You also have to decide what (speed or speed-endurance) you want to emphasize. If you want to alternate se/SEI/SEII, you end up with 2 speed workouts and 1 speed-endurance like this:

mon speed/accelerations
tue tempo
wed se, SEI, or SEII
thu tempo
fri speed/accelerations

You can do this–but Charlie has talked about emphasizing the right side of the curve (why fight for tenths by working on starts when you can get seconds by working 200’s?)–and if you look at the schedules Quick put up on the 100 training sub-forum, he’s really only doing this sort of thing during SPP. So, I’ve generally used a schedule more like what’s in CFTS (p.43), which has SE I or II once a week, se once a week, and speed (Max V, acc, or mixed) once a week, and I ran 10.39 this year doing this:

Mon split runs or Special Endurance
Tue tempo
Wed Max V and/or acc
Thu tempo
Fri speed endurance (7-15 second range)

The change I intend to make for next year’s training is to add some speed-endurance work in SPP, like Quick has, which for me will be 2-3 X 4 X 60 with walkback rests for reps and walk 1 lap for sets.

thnx ikh :smiley: