spastic hamstring

I’ve had a spastic hamstring since it cramped up on me a little over a month ago. It knots up after a day in the weight room or a high intensity day on the track. It’s pretty bad, the trainer will try to ice massage but the cup just flies right off the muscle, does that make any sense? I know there are a million threads on hamstrings, but I can’t find the right information to help a spastic hamstring. I do AIS twice a day and I ice after every workout, I have been getting ART done, and I get plenty of fluids everyday. Is there something with EMS I can do after or before a workout to help it relax? My only use of one is before and after training because it’s in the training room. I know if I run 90-100 percent effort it will cramp again, I’m just looking for some help, thanks.

You might want to check your magnesium and/or calcium levels.