spasm or pull?

i’ve had a number of hamstring injuries that i have always refered to as pulls, but i wonder if they’re not just severe cramps. i was just sitting at my desk (not normally considered anaerobic) and my right, currently uninjured hamstring just seized up. any thoughts? :frowning:

If you’re like me, they are just bad spasms. I didn’t learn that until I ponied up for a good massage therapist; when she released the damn thing in 45 minutes versus previously needing a week, I learned the priceless value of the therapist first hand.

what kind of massage does your therapist use? and, could you describe it?

Well, it’s not ART as it has been described to me. It’s more that she combines frictioning the tendon insertions, manually separating the ‘stuck-together’ muscle bellies, and grinding her fingers into muscle trigger points both in the hams and adjacent adductors to cause the cumulative response of the muscle ‘letting go’. Basically, she just friggin’ hurts me!

sounds like rolfing.

Well, she never threw up on me if that’s what you mean! Hehe

nyuk, nyuk!