sore knees

whats up guys, ive been haveing some sore knee pain for a while now, ive tried stretching, iceing, advil, almost everything and it hasnt gone away. Now I play bball (sparingly but intense) and track, ive been taking some time off of both for about a week to let my body recover (confrence is on the 7th and states 14th), what can i do to get rid of this. also my ankles pop like a mofo every time i do ankle rotations or a single loud pop every time i stand on my toes. any help appreciated.

where is the pain in the knees? are your ankles sore too or do they just click?

the ankles just click, but my knees are sore all over

it depends where it is exactly. I had knee pain on the lateral side of the knee, and it turned out to be tightness in my illeo-tibial band referring the pain kinda. Get the IT bands checked, and your hips, as it could be tightness up there causing the problems. Do a lot of running and jumping can often cause this to be the case.

Check your program, is it possible you’re doing too much to soon?

Also try getting some massage work done.

After sitting at my desk for more than 15mins at a time I had trouble even walking when I eventually stood up. My knees were screwed. I ws told it was just ageing, was given some sort of alternative medicine supplement from a chiropractor and despite thwe hefty bill, no improvement.

Then a more senior chiropractor saw me a couple of months later at the same clinic. She pushed my right knee around a bit and immediately decided the shinbone had rotated and was no longer sitting properly into the knee joint. So she got one of those clicker things and discharged it against the shin a few times in a couple of directions and said I’d be fine. I was still sore a couple of days later but with each passing day I improved and now it’s been a week and I have no pain at all anymore in the right knee and also in the left knee, which she didn’t bother treating. The left knee, I assume, was going out in sympathy with the dodgy right knee.

So see a chiropractor and ask whether the shin bone is sitting properly in the knee joint.
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