I’m trying to set up a song system to prepare myself when I’m getting ready for track meets. This is what I have so far.

Lose Yourself - Eminem
Fly Like an Eagle - Seal
Till I Collapse - Eminem

Do you guys have any suggestions to what other songs I should get? Thanks.

I’d say anything by Outkast…my 2.


ill second outkast… but not their new album. i also like to listen to diplomats.

kelis - milk shake

the stones - star star

some of prodigy’s less crappy stuff is good too

I thought Canadians only listened to Brian Adams and Celine Dion? :smiley:

Surely eye of the tiger’s got to be in there??? :D:D:D:D:D:D

NeLLY… Country Grammer

U2 (Its a buitifull Day) brings back good memorys when life was simple.

Theme from shaft ( issac hayes)

le freak. CHIC classic

Micheal Jackson, don’ t stop til you get enough

Blme it on the boggie

yeh yeh yeh yeh what the hell

Before I do my upper body routine this is how I psyche myself up:

CD = “live after Death” track 5 = Revelations.
Volume = Ridiculous.

“This next song, written about religion. Or about washing your car, actually it’s about opening a pair of curtains… songs called “Revelations”, this one!”…
(Lead singer of IRON MAIDEN, introducing live on stage)

“O God of Earth and Altar, Bow down and hear our cry, :mad:
Our earthly rulers falter, Our people drift and die, :confused:
The walls of gold entomb us, The swords of scorn divide, :stuck_out_tongue:
Take not thy thunder from us, But take away our pride,…” :smiley:

(Nothing to heavy :eek: )

Fly Like an Eagle by SEAL? The only “Fly Like an Eagle” I know was by the Steve Miller Band. Please forgive me if Seal actually has a song and I’m just being dumb.

A good song to get pumped up to is “Kashmire” By Led Zeppelin. Very driving beat. Also, good idea to throw some Tupac in there, in my opinion. Maybe “Troublesome '96”

Can’t stand ‘Eye of the Tiger’ anymore - overplayed BIGtime

Shumon - knew there would be some PDiddy in there …
(By the way - any sign of you doing a marathon yet??)

(… terrible urge to say stuff - must refrain …!!!)

Actually the song that I think sums up all that track meet mental preparation should be about is Rage Against the Machines ‘Calm like a Bomb’.

Relaxed, Calm and ready to blow the f*#k up anything in your way!!

heheh Goose2 Maiden is awesome :slight_smile: I listened to them all the time growing up.

I managed to get backstage passes in Philly a couple of years ago :slight_smile:

Met Harris, Dave, Nicko and Gers. Also Met Jeff Tate from Queensryche that night and Rob Halford as well.

“this is what not to do when a bird shits on you!”

haha Halford rokks! I have been known to crank up you got another thing comin’ before workouts or games

I knew a sprinter back in the 1970s that listened to the theme song from the ROADRUNNER cartoon to get into the proper frame of mind to sprint. I hope you all remember that old theme song “Roadrunner…the coyote’s after you…roadrunner…if he catches you you’re through…”

I haven’t heard of half these guys.

I have about 12 songs that I can listen to depending on how I feel.

Favourite is 1812 Overture about 18 minutes long, starts calmly and builds.

I don’t necessarily go for songs with lyrics, after the beat, rhythm and bass

Any of the stuff off of Korn’s first two CD’s or their new one. Adema, Disturbed, Godsmack…they all get me pumped up.

A little of DMX’s old stuff and Eminem never fail as well.

jay-z: the black album

or any notorious b.i.g.

Never been to their concerts but got em on video), but one of the things I like is their live recordings allways sound better than their studio recordings. Definately a stage band. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :cool: :slight_smile: