Something pretty interesting..

First of all, I am a basketball player and not a sprinter and I have come here for help on my speed. I know nothing about sprint training, but I have been lucky enough to have been trained by one of the worlds top sprinters. I really don’t know how famous he is or anything but I do know he is one of the fastest humans ever. I was trained by Andre Cason for several sessions before he ended up quitting the job for a reason I do not know. I was wondering if you guys know a lot about him and stuff. If you have any questions about the workouts I will be glad to answer.

How about giving us a typical week? One week in the General Prep phase, One week in Pre Comp, and one week of competition?

And does the the volume and intensities change over time?

Thank you in advance for sharing that with us.

I was trained by him twice a week for just 15 dollars a session. The first day of the week would be a day where he would critique my form (I had horrible form) and we would work on drills with cones. The first thing I noticed was that he was shorter then me (I was 14 at the time) and he had RIPPED calves. We started with a warmup lasting about 15 minutes He taught me how to start and accelerate, and make a quick turn while staying on the balls of my feet. We went over acceleration and cutting for about 20 minutes. He set up a bunch of cones and they were about 15 yards apart, and for the first 2 cones I would do a slow lunge walk with my back straight, then when I reached the second cone I had to do quick feet taps and run on my toes, then I would do high knees to the next cone. Once I reached that point, there was 5 or so cones about 8 feet apart in different directions and I had to keep cutting through them. We also did a drill he called frogger, which was called that because of the video game. You squatted down real low (would be the defensive position in basketball), and we had to hop in whatever direction he told us to go. He could say 2 hops forward, and we jumped 2 hops as far as we could but we had to stay low. He could say forward, side to side, or back…and when we reached the end line, we immedietely stopped and sprint 10 yards. We did a lot of work on sliding back and forth touching cones about 15 feet part, duration was probably about 20 seconds. The last drill he had me do was the stop and go drill…he placed about 20 cones over a soccer field and on go I would sprint and pick as many up, and on stop I had to stop and wait for him to say go again.

I have to go now, i will post the power day later on today.