Someone please give advice!

Hello everyone.

Lately, my body has been feeling funny. I am training hard, lifting heavy and running hard. However, I do get plenty of good nutrition and recovery rest time.

The problem I have is that sometimes, out no where while just sitting around, my muscles start to move. It sort of feels like an electronic muscle stimulator is on. My triceps start to wiggle, or my quad areas. Its either triceps or around my quads. They just start to wiggle. It dosent really hurt or go into a spasm, it just feels funky.
I have been only drinking 80oz of water a day on average, can that be a problem?

Would appreciate some advice

you’re overtrained. have you been lower volume or intensity every 3-4 weeks?

It maybe a mineral deficiency. Do you get cramps as well? Probably potassium or magnesium, I experienced the same thing. I was deficient in magnesium.

I think that maybe it. All the water I drink also is filtered by this thing that steams it up, and its basically 99.9% pure water, and I dont take a multivitamin/mineral supplement. I think its potassium as well, the only thing I have after my workout is just about 16oz of water, and maybe a protein bar.

I am also high in protein(150 grams and 150 pounds), 5 grams of creatine, I believe those cause dehyrdation. Anyways, gonna add some endurox or gatorade to my post workout in addition to my protein.

yes, do these and see how it goes; however, if you still have these symptoms and the twitching goes around your eyes as well, i would go with the stressed CNS option; just pay attention to the symptoms in the next couple of days

hope it helps!