Somebody Help! Right Hammie Tight.

My whole career i have always been flexable, I can do splits and all that, but for the last month my right hamstring has been very tight. tight to the point where i hate stretching it. I always warm up with 2 laps. before i stretch. I put on my toast rub down before i warmup also. I start stretching and the right hammie is sore and tight. my left is ok. It usually takes a good 30-45 minutes for the hammie to get loose enough to run and even then i can still feel it. Even when i stretch after warm down it is tight. I have still been PR’ing at practice but i still feel it.The pain is not excruciating, but it is getting on my nerves. I take epson salt bath after sprinting and i got my first massage last tuesday, but it has still been tight and sore. I even feel it when i am at work and i tighten it up or curl it. Someone help me. should i take some time off or what. Any suggestions would help. THX

ART buddy, Get Active Release down to release the tightness or scar tissue.

^^^^^^what is that? How do i do that?

special kind of manual therapy that works out problems at the specific site of the scarring…

thx for the link

you’re welcome… actually it’s props to Clemson for writing it!