Some Questions...Please help..

Ok…here’s my dilemma… i have my track meet in late May and my football season starts in sept. i’m 15, 5"7, 120 pounds, and i run the 100m in 12.30. I’m trying to get my time down to maybe a 11.50 or somewhere around there for the track meet in late may. But also I want to get about 20 pounds heavier for football season in the fall.
I can’t do sprint training till maybe march till the snow melts and it gets warmer. So right now im concentrating on lifting weights ( does olympic lifting help you develop explosiveness for the 100m?)
So, does anyone recommend any programs or advice for me to work on for march till late may?(i’m also willing to work at sprinting during the summer since getting faster for football is always a good thing.)


Look in the strength forum thread.

I suggest you lift weights 3 times per weak whilst you’re not doing any sprint work at the moment.

Good choices;

Squat, powerclean, bench press, bent over row. 3 x 4 reps each.

Box jumps. 2 x 10 fast jumps.

Tue; Core work, abs, obliques, hip flexors,

Wed; (if recovered)
Same as above but 3 x 7 reps each. (hyper extensions instead of powerclean, everything else the same but No box jumps.

Thur or Sat; Core work, flexion, rotation, compression etc… etc…

Fri; If u did wednesdays session then do same but 2 or 3 x 10 rep sets for
each exercise. If u did not do wednesdays session then do wednesdays recommendation of 3 x 7 on Friday instead.
Box jumps on Friday and/or monday.(low box) just rebound back as quick as pos with minimal ground contact time. 2 x 10 jumps.

There are many routines Lionheart and is there a best “routine”?
If there’s a best routine I’m not sure what it is but I think there is a best “way”.
It would include not overtraining, which means u have to adjust as you go along. If you need xtra time to recover then miss the workout. If one particular session you don’t feel up to doing the box jumps then dont do them.
Get lots of protein, enough carbs and fat, do your core work aswell if you want your squats to ever get heavy. Get your sleep and rest in there aswell.

As a side note, I did not include many auxillary exercises and not much in the way of bodybuilding, so if you absolutely feel the need to add in barbell curls, shoulder presses etc etc… then do so.
Just make sure none of yur weights workouts last more than an hour.
I try to keep mine under 40 mins. If you need much more bodybuilding then do more exercises but work each muscle just twice per weak instead of 3 times per weak.


i did bill starr’s big 3 program around your age and put on weight nicely. (before i got the chicken pox!)

does your school not have a track team? run with them indorrs till the weather gets warmer.

don’t make in complicated.