Some help with ART

I have been perusing the forum lately and have found some talk about “ART.” It is supposedly some type of recovery technique to help things such as pulled hamstrings and things of that nature. I have been trying to learn about this because of the praise it has gotten.

I have tried searching the forum, people talk about doing “ART”, but don’t leave much of an explanation about what it actually is. Then when I try to search Google, the results are things like painting seminars. If something o this has been posted, I am sorry for the thread.

Now, to the point: Can someone explain “ART”, or give me some type of link on what it is? And I think this may be something someone certified may have to do. If it is, can someone give me tips on how to perform this on myself (if possible). Any tips/help will be appreciated.


Active Release Therapy. Takes alot of practice. I don’t think I would be able to do it properly myself.

Have a look at the Active Release Technique website . It should give you the good oil on ART.

Another source of info: