software, coaching track & field

what software do you guys use to make up your periodized programs???

Im coaching high school shot put, discus & pole vault

Microsoft Excel…

McGill Athletics sell a complex (specific) software,which is quite adjustable to one’s needs,but also quite expensive as requiring the support of database software Panorama to run.

Microsoft Excel …

Sorry man - teasing you…

But honestly that’s what I use - I use the Polar HR software to monitor HR’s also from time to time.

I think Excel is one of the best software tools out there for planning - anything period.

With the use of a few simple formulas you can set up periodisation rules.

I also use an Excel sheet for nutrition also.

I’m looking at two other SW projects at the moment

  1. is a simple matrix to monitor weekly CNS stress so that burn out and muscular injury tracking can be recorded.
  2. Another is a simple training package to record and graph training in a quick simple format that can be linked with outside technologies such as HR or automatic timing etc.

They’ll probabaly never see that light of day - but I’ll continue planning them anyway.

I’ve seen quite a few fitness programs out there but they are all extremely time-consuming and complex to operate and as a result wouldn’t be maintained beyond a week in practice.

Of course IMO no software will supercede a good coach with practiced techniques and skills.

Pencil and paper or MS Excel.

napkins and pens for HS…USATF xeroxes of the macrocycle grid for elite athletes

microsoft excell and word.

Full year poster sized dry erase calendar, and multi coloured dry erase markers.

the back of my mind…

Planning: T&F TRAINING from Track-Tech.Com. Software developed by BIO* Analysis Systems and made available from Lyle Knudson.

Performance Measure: Fitsense, Innervation (PortaKit).

Data Reduction/Integration: PC Coach.

Biomechanics: The NEAT System, Dartfish.