socks or no socks?

is it just a comfort thing or does it really matter?

comfort thing. My foot contacts feel “spongy” with socks. So I dont wear them. However when watching the pros id say its a little less than half and half. More people not wearing socks.

Started my career using socks, but now I would never use them.


Lol…interesting…I agree Quik…foot contacts can feel spongy! With me it also depends on the spikes i’m wearing…certain spikes i can’t wear socks with and others i do. U could do what Jon Drummond did…that was to wear one on one foot and none on the other lol…best of both worlds. :smiley:

heh i wear socks with my orthotic in my spike shoes.

i think imma go with no socks this year

socks all the way, i wear really thin ones though so i guess it’s kinda an inbetween feeling